Report formulas let you build data for just this report. Use them to generate your own text, numbers, dates and so on.
They can be used throughout this report. Read about report formulas
Add a report formula

Use your variables as you would normally use fields. For example, an Income formula might be "[Revenue (tot)] - [Expense (tot)]".

Add a summary formula


Initial Defines the results when the {{report.reportType}} is first displayed
Dynamic Defines how your users can refine and search the {{report.reportType}} when viewing it
The default dynamic filters are:
    Select up to 5 dynamic filters
        Maximum number of filters selected

        (Dynamic filters won't be turned on in this {{report.reportType}})

        Report columns
        Available Report Columns
        can be used as a dynamic filter
        • Avg Wind Speed
        • Cool Deg Days
        • Date Created
        • Date Modified
        • Days over 0.01
        • Days over 0.1
        • Days over 1
        • Dom Dir
        • Heat Deg Days
        • Hi Temp
        • Hi Temp Date
        • High Wind Date
        • High Wind Speed
        • Last Modified By
        • Low Temp
        • Low Temp Date
        • Max <=32
        • Max >=90
        • Max Obs Date
        • Max Obs Day
        • Mean Max Temp
        • Mean Min Temp
        • Mean Temp
        • Min <=32
        • Month
        • Rain
        • Record ID#
        • Record Owner
        • Season
        • Year
        Maximum number of columns selected

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